All About Bingo's Pet Care

Bingo's pet care is all about customizing all your pets needs around you and your pets.

Having enough time for your pets can become difficult. When you are busy at work or out of town, we will be there! We are a in home service to save time and money for everyone. Bingo's Pet Care finds it important to be insured and bonded for the safety of your pets and homes.

Our services include Walking dogs, pet sitting, trips to the "off leash" dog parks, bathing, trimming nails, teeth cleaning, pet taxi, cage cleaning, and home sitting services. We have years of experience with dogs, cats, other small mammals, fish, birds, and even reptiles.

Let us help you and your pets live a less stressful, better, and healthier life! We look forward to meeting you,  your furry, and not so furry companions!




FYI- Keep in mind it is important to select a pet sitter who is insured for liability.  It is important that their coverage includes care, custody, and control of the pet. Bonding is different than insurance.  Bonding covers the items inside of your home from damage and theft.


From the Founder

"I grew up with a bit of land right outside Olathe, Kansas. My whole life we have always had at least four or five dogs at a time. I was very young when I started to feed and bathe them. When I was around eight years old my parents gave me a pair of rabbits for Easter. From then on I took care of those rabbits and the others that followed.

We had ducks and geese on the pond and I fed them too. I caught the frogs and turtles around the pond and sometimes kept them for a while. I found out later that this wasn't a great idea cause most of the wild animals get sick and sometimes die if you try to keep them.

So I asked my parents if I could have a lizard of my own from the pet store. I ended up with a small green anole. I did a good job taking care of it, especially because of how fast they are. From there I moved up to gecko's and then a bearded dragon. I loved all of them. Now I have "Bud" my Chinese water dragon. I've had him for thirteen years. I had another one that passed away a couple years ago named Lady. I had her for nine years.

I've worked for Petsmart for over a year as a dog groomer and City Pets in Westport for around a year as a reptile keeper. I can bath, cut nails, clean ears, and teeth while making your dog feel comfortable and relaxed. It is very important to me that the animals are healthy. If the animals are happy you will be too!

I am very much looking forward in meeting you and your pets!"

- Nikki H.