Other Services

This service is recommended for dogs with a high energy levels, and they must be very social friendly.
In home cat and dog bathing.
Teeth cleaning is an important part of keeping your dog healthy and happy.
For a lot of pet owners it is nerve racking trying to trim your own pet's nails. Without experience it may be hard to determine how short to cut the nail.
This service is a part of our pet taxi service. Taking your pet to or from your veterinarian appointments.
Taxi service for your pets! To and from your vets office, groomers, and where ever else needed.
When away from home it is always best to make it appear as if someone is still there. Be smart and think about what a potential criminal might look for. News papers, packages, and your mail stacking up...
Making sure your pet is well taken care of while you're away can be stressfull. Especially if your pet needs medication.
All bird and reptile cages.
We all know things come up at the last minute. Whether you get caught up at work or there's a family emergency, we will do our best to be there!